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Saturday, 18 February 2017

About Skantrivia the Post

First of all, Skantrivia wants to use this opportunity of her first post to welcome all her readers into her amazing and interesting site, she says Welcome!

This first post will explain all that is to be known about Skantrivia and all that she would offer to her readers.

Skantrivia is a site that is all about trivialities just as the name suggests. It is all about things that seem not to matter but are fun and interesting to know. Those things that seem to be unnecessary is all that Skantrivia identify with.

To go into details, Skantrivia will provide you with contents like facts and fun facts in all spheres of life; whether historical, geographical, sports, or even science facts we got you covered. Also this site will provide you with inspirational and motivational contents to spur your daily hunger for both success and learning. Skantrivia will also provide educational contents in fun and interesting ways that will make learning fun and sweet like chocolate bars.

So if you are ambitious, love to learn in amazing and fun ways and also likes anything fun and not boring then you should always visit this site because it will definitely keep you glued to it.

Now some of you will be like, how are you sure this site will be able to provide all that is mentioned in this post? Well, just so you know it will definitely try her best, because it is a brainchild of a guy who has always wanted ways to keep himself motivated towards his dreams and also fun ways in which he can learn and also share with people things that most people over look, ignore or take as not necessary and does not matter but matters in their own little ways. So if you share the same feeling then bam! You are at the right place.

Remember this site is here because of you; yes you reading this right now. So to that effect you can always get involved in any way possible, from commenting in posts to contacting us for anything or even for suggestions. You can always click on the contact us button to either keep in touch with Skantrivia in our social network accounts or to email or call us, all will be readily available.

With all these stated Skantrivia hope to have explained all that is to know about this site, so we hope that you keep visiting this site and that you keep reading our posts. Skantrivia also hopes to be your best and first site you get to visit with each day that goes by from now on. We are also determined to be a top notch website when it comes to comparing us with other big players out there because we know; we always got you covered so far you are looking for a site to learn in fun and interesting ways while you stay motivated and inspired.

Thank you and welcome to Skantrivia. #TrivialButInteresting

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  1. Make sense.Am enjoying the contents already.